GALLERY OF WORKS - Example Image and Mat Sizes
The gallery of images on this page demonstrate the standard mat layout for the photographs on sale at this website. The prices quoted will be based on these standards. Please contact me if you have a request for custom print sizes or mat and frame preferences.

My photographs generally have the standard aspect ratio of 2:3 for the width/length dimensions. This is the same as the standard 35mm film aspect ratio. The standard print sizes that I produce are 8-inch by 12-inch, 10-inch by 15-inch, 12-inch by 18-inch, and 20-inch by 30 inch; larger size photographs can also be considered. Several images were produced with a different camera and are shorter in the length dimension and they would be 2-inches less. Any prints larger than 12-inc by 18-inch will be treated as a custom print for production and pricing. The images in the gallery below demonstrate the relative image and mat sizes for the standard configurations. I would also be pleased to work with you on custom configurations for your photographs and the prices may vary depending on the custom costs. See the Price Order page for the prices and Ordering procedure.

Note that these general specifications and the prices are subject to change.
Click image for larger view. In case you were wondering, the copyright notice is removed from printed photographs.

Horizontal 8-inch by 12-inch print
with 16-inch by 20-inch mat

Horizontal 10-inch by 15-inch print
with 16-inch by 20-inch mat

Horizontal 12-inch by 18-inch print
with 20-inch by 26-inch mat

Vertical 12-inch by 18-inch print
with 20-inch by 26-inch mat