Rochester, New York and the surrounding area have many photogenic locations--most appropriate, given Rochester's longstanding history with photography. I am pleased that you have stopped by to check out my selection of images from Rochester and the surrounding Finger Lakes Region and Western New York. You will find unique images having considerable variety, including a large selection of panoramic images.

When you browse the images, I hope you find ones that you would like to own. All of the images are available as photographic prints, including large sizes having exceptional quality. My photographs are printed on media that is designed for long-term image permanance. They can be presented with traditional matte and frame, face-mounted to akrylic, of with AluminArte, a very high quality metal print. I enhance the photographic files when printed with digital image optimization for quality, sharpness, and color. I have numerous photographs in stock, others will need to be printed per your order. Professional framing with archival materials is also available. See the mat gallery and for details of available sizes.

Consider that my photographs will add a photogenic regional character to the decor of your home. Large photographs will also be attractive for your business decor, especially if you are located in the area and want to add an impressive local presence to the office. If you can use an image on your website or publication, they are also available for a fee. If you have a great idea for a photograph, I would be pleased to work with your commission.

Rochester Photo Books. In recent years I have published books with local Rochester photographs, a bit of a "best of series". The current book published September 2019 is titled Around Rochester. The 88 page book is available for purchase at Image City Photography Gallery, priced at $20, tax included. Or you can contact me and I will mail a copy, please add $6 for postage and handling.

Rochester Photos PhotoCards. The photographs were taken over the last few years and I designed the PhotoCards with five themes in mind: sunsets, riverfront, Mount Hope Cemetery, winter, and George Eastman.   In addition to a brief representation of my photographic portfolio, I am hoping that there will be interest in the PhotoCards for those who have interest in Rochester scenes; perhaps they might become collectible items. More details are at the following the Rochester Photos PhotoCards link.

Gallery Exhibits

In early 2006 I was fortunate to be asked to join the Image City Photography Gallery as a partner. A very dedicated group launched the gallery in Fall 2005 and since its opening more than 190 shows have been exhibited with more than 800 photographers. I am currently showing a selection of my photographs and to change the photographs that I exhibit for each show, every four weeks. If you would like to see the quality of my photographs first hand, visit the gallery. You will also be very impressed by the caliber of the photographs on display by the member and guest photographers. Check out all of the details of the gallery at www.ImageCityPhotographyGallery.com.

Sheridan Vincent

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My entire work experience has been involved in photography. In high school I was fortunate to get a delivery-boy job at a photofinishing plant in Fargo, North Dakota. Eventually, I worked at most of the jobs in the plant and was able to work my way through college producing people's pictures. After I got my BS and MS degrees in chemistry at Moorhead State University and the University of Minnesota, I had one dream -- to work for Eastman Kodak Company.

I was fortunate to have that dream fulfilled in 1974 when I was hired into the Photographic Technology Division. For the next 31 years, I worked with fabulous teams on the design and the development of the processing chemicals for photographic papers and films. I retired June 2005 as the Technical Director-PhotoProcessing Chemicals. During my years at Kodak, I observed and participated in activities that yielded very significant improvements in the products that greatly improved the image quality of photographs.

With that strong technical background I am now working to further develop my photography passion to produce fine art photographs. Current photographic capabilities allow us to produce astounding photographs. It is a very exciting time participating in the evolution where digital capture and digital printing produces such new capabilities--notably panoramic photographs. I produce my prints with digital capture, custom image enhancement with Photoshop, and digital printing onto long-lasting print media. I enjoy working with new materials and options for display.

I am also very fortunate to have a couple of very supportive friends. Their combination of masterful technical solutions in image processing (you will notice a very realistic and exceptional sharpness in my photographs), and their offering of challenging ideas, and friendly critique and support are most appreciated. Thanks John and Mike.

My goal is to strive to produce photographs that will interest you with their composition, impress you with their image quality, and be even better tomorrow with what I have learned today.

Sheridan Vincent